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  • TAG
    technical advisory group
    Teaching and Learning International Survey; a study conducted by the OECD
  • target population
    a group of individuals sharing a set of defining characteristics such that the group can be identified by means of a list or set of names; also called "sampling frame"
    Author: Creswell (2008), p. 648
  • TB
  • TBKT
    tuberculosis knowledge test
  • TCMA
    test-curriculum matching analysis
  • TCS
    target cluster size
  • technical report
    documentation of the technical aspects and details of a study assessment or survey design, administration, and analytical processes
    Author: Falk Brese, IEA
  • TEDS-M
    Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics; a study conducted by the IEA
    Tercer Estudio Regional Comparativo y Explicativo
    (in English: Third Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study); a study conducted by the UNESCO
    Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study; a study conducted by the IEA
  • TQ
    teacher questionnaire