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  • ICCS
    International Civic and Citizenship Education Study; a study conducted by the IEA
    International Computer and Information Literacy Study; a study conducted by the IEA
  • ICQM
    international quality control monitor
  • ICT
    information and communication technologies/technology
  • IDB
    International Database or Inter-American Development Bank (conducts the PRIDI study)

  • IDE
    International Data Explorer
  • IEA
    International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement; conducts studies such as ICCS, ICILS, PIRLS, and TIMSS
  • ILSA
    international large-scale assessment
  • implicit stratified sampling
    the sampling frame is sorted prior to sampling according to specific characteristics
    Author: Sabine Meinck, IEA
  • initiator
    the organization behind an ILSA; not necessarily identical with the author or the original source of an ILSA in its strict sense, as the establishment of such a study is typically a process in which many parties are involved
    Author: Nathalie Mertes, IEA
  • international large-scale assessment
    umbrella term for comprehensive, transnational studies in education, regardless of whether they include a cognitive assessment component; for example, a representative study that measures educational achievement or development outcomes (e.g., participants’ knowledge, performances, or skills, or all of them in a particular domain) with an explicit focus on international, system-level comparisons; ILSAs are typically accompanied by a comprehensive evaluation of education contexts, and one of their major aims is to inform education policy
    Author: Agnes Stancel-Piatak, IEA, Nathalie Mertes, IEA, partly based on Rutkowski et al. (2014b), p. 4 and p. 13
  • IQCM
    International Quality Control Monitor
  • IRT
    item response theory
  • ISC
    international study centre
    International Standard Classification of Education
  • ISEI
    international socio-economic index of occupational status
  • item
    a question in a survey, a test, or a (background or context) questionnaire
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
  • item release policy
    the rules or criteria determining when and how various assessment items may be released to the public
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
  • item response theory
    measurement theory that describes the probability of a response to a test or questionnaire item on the basis of characteristics of the items (mainly difficulty, discrimination, and guessing), and location of the individual on an overall difficulty continuum
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS