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  • ACER
    Australian Council for Educational Research
  • achievement test
    test in a specific field or subject, e.g. mathematics or reading
    Author: Falk Brese, IEA
    Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo
    (in English: Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation)
  • AFD
    Agence Française de Développement
    (in English: French Agency of Development)
  • AIDS
    acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • almanacs
    summary data tables with descriptive statistics for background and assessment items, also known as compendia; they are included with the international databases and provide pre-calculated descriptive statistics for the purposes of quality control, data verification, and the formulation of hypotheses
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
    Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • assessment
    a test (paper, electronic, or online format) for gaining information about an individual’s knowledge, skills, or understandings in a subject area or domain of interest
    Author: Nathalie Mertes, IEA
  • assessment domains
    the areas in which an (achievement or development) test is undertaken in a study, e.g., information literacy, mathematics, motor skills, language, or science
    Author: Nathalie Mertes, IEA
  • assessment framework
    discusses and outlines what a study is intended to measure; provides a shared vocabulary and a set of constructs; helps to ensure the long-term consistency of assessment instruments; in ILSAs, framework development typically is an iterative process realized by a group of experts with different backgrounds
    Author: Nathalie Mertes, IEA, based on Mendelovits (2017), pp. 65-67