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  • Rasch partial credit model
    item response theory model where responses to items can be classified as correct, incorrect, or one or more levels of partial correctness
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
  • reliability
    statistic that indicates the consistency of a score or estimate; under classical test theory, it is an estimate of the proportion of overall variance that is due to the variance of the construct of interest; depending on the context, it might have other meanings, but in general it ranges between 0 and 1
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
  • reliability replication methods
    methods generally used to estimate variance where parts of the data are systematically removed or eliminated from the calculations; results from these replicated samples are then compared with results obtained from the entire sample to arrive at the statistic of interest
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
  • RUF
    restriced use files