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  • CBA
    computer-based assessment
  • CFA
    confirmatory factor analysis
    Civic Education Study
  • codebook
    the list of variables in a database with their corresponding labels, locations, and formatting characteristics
    Author: Eugene Gonzalez, ETS
    Conférence des Ministres de l’Education des Etats et Gouvernements de la Francophonie
    (in English: Conference of Ministers of Education in French-Speaking Countries); conducts the ILSA titled “PASEC”
  • countries
    for any specific ILSA, the participating countries as reported (and defined) in the published study documents
    Author: Nathalie Mertes, IEA
  • COVID‐19
    coronavirus disease
  • CPS
    collaborative problem solving
  • cycle
    some studies are repeated at various intervals; a cycle refers to one application of the study; e.g., TIMSS 2011 was the fifth cycle of TIMSS, and TIMSS 2015 was the sixth cycle
    Author: Falk Brese, IEA