PIRLS 2016 International Database released

The PIRLS 2016 International Database has been made available for individuals interested in the data collected and analyzed as part of PIRLS 2016.

Article: The unlikely champion for testing kids around the world on empathy and creativity

Jenny Anderson reports the vision of Mr. Andreas Schleicher, of testing soft skills of students as well as their hard skills. As the head of the education division at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), he envisions measuring these skills in the future cycles of the PISA study, and increasing the roles of these skills in the world's educational systems.

Article: GCSEs: Want to boost maths? Bring in more female teachers

Dr. Hastedt points out in his article, referring to results obtained from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), that as children grow up, their confidence in the subject maths decreases. Furthermore, he explains how gender plays a role in instigating this attitude and how female teachers can help overcome the fear of the subject among children.

Compass Brief: How systematic is international bullying and what relationship does it have with mathematics in the fourth grade?

The new IEA Compass Brief article by David and Leslie Rutkowski (Indiana University, USA), finds that children who are bullied tend to do less well in math. Read the policy brief to gain a better understanding of the relationship between bullying and academics.