Are Students Ready to Take on Environmental Challenges? (PISA)

Are students ready to take on environmental challenges? The current PISA publication discusses this question. The report uses data from PISA 2006 and 2015 assessments when Science was the main assessment domain and from PISA 2018 Global Competence framework. The publication gives insight into the level of awareness of students regarding environmental issues and their willingness to take action. Finally, it discusses how education can better prepare students to face environmental problems.

Education at a Glance 2022: OECD Indicators

Education at a Glance 2022: OECD Indicators is the OECD's guide to education in OECD countries and partner economies in 2022. It gives an overview of provision and outcomes of education across the globe, and it deals especially with tertiary education while also taking into account effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

IEA Insider 2022: New Perspectives and Approaches

At the IEA General Assembly, IEA Insider 2022 has been published. Highlights from IEA studies, national and international projects, services, publications, organizational changes, and more are included in this insider

PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia released

This publication provides a profile of reading and language instruction in participating countries and benchmark systems based on their answers to the PIRLS 2021 curriculum questionnaire and their dedicated encyclopedia chapters. Given the relevance of the topic, the encyclopedia also describes the educational challenges and innovations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.