ICCS 2022 Data Expected in February 2024

The ICCS 2022 International Civic and Citizenship Education Study has officially been released. The international report has been released to the public. The study data along with the accompanying user guide will be released in February 2024.

Is Education Losing the Race with Technology? AI's Progress in Maths and Reading

The present report follows up the OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), collecting expert judgements in 2021 on whether computers can solve the PIAAC literacy and numeracy tests. It is part of a comprehensive ongoing project on assessing AI. This study shows that AI could potentially outperform large shares of the population on PIAAC – 90% of adults in literacy and 57-88% of adults in numeracy.

Do Your Students Like to Read? Strategies Teachers Employ to Inspire Positive Attitudes Toward Reading

Results show that attitudes toward reading have declined, on average, across many countries. Fourth graders internationally are reporting that they enjoy reading less and less. IEA Teacher Snippet number two provides four strategies to inspire positive attitudes toward reading and foster confidence in reading backed by data from IEA's PIRLS (Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study).

New In IEA’s Teacher Series: How to Help Students Develop Reading Comprehension Skills

IEA’s recent Teacher Snippet XL looks at five key principles for teaching reading comprehension as defined