TIMSS 2015 Papers

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Geiger, Vince, Anderson, Judy, Hurrell, Derek 2017 A case study of effective practice in mathematics teaching and learning informed by Valsiner's zone theory
Kreitchmann, Rodrigo Schames, Abad, Francisco José, Ponsoda, Vicente 2018 A two-dimensional multiple-choice model accounting for omissions
Juan, Andra, Hannan, Sylvia, Govender, Ashika, Reddy Vijay , Zuze, Linda 2018 Bullies, victims and bully-victims in South African schools
Federičová, Miroslava, Pertold, Filip, Smith, Michael L. 2018 Children left behind
Önen, Emine 2018 Classification of students in terms of student’s, teacher’s and instructional qualifications based on TIMSS-2015
Tchoshanov, Mourat, Quinones, Maria Cruz, Shakirova, Kadriya, Ibragimova, Elena, Shakirova, Liliana 2017 Comparative analysis of mathematics teachers’ content knowledge in USA and Russia through the lens of TIMSS results
He, Jia, Van de Vijver, Fons J. R., Kulikova, Alena 2017 Country-level correlates of educational achievement
He, Jia, Barrera-Pedemonte, Fabián, Buchholz, Janine 2018 Cross-cultural comparability of noncognitive constructs in TIMSS and PISA
Yalcin, Seher 2018 Determining differential item functioning with the mixture item response theory
Sarı, Mehmet Hayri, Arikan, Serkan, Yıldızlı, Hülya 2017 Factors predicting mathematics achievement of 8th graders in TIMSS 2015
Petersson, Jöran 2017 First and second language students’ achievement in mathematical content areas
Altinok, Nadir, Angrist, Noam, Patrinos, Harry Anthony 2018 Global data set on education quality (1965–2015)
Sahin, Melek Gülsah, Öztürk, Nagihan Boztunç 2018 How classroom assessment affects science and mathematics achievement?
Walkington, Candace, Clinton, Virginia, Shivraj, Pooja 2018 How readability factors are differentially associated with performance for students of different backgrounds when solving mathematics word problems
Juan, Andrea, Hannan, Sylvia, Namome, Catherine 2018 I believe I can do science
Laukaityte, Inga, Wiberg, Marie 2018 Importance of sampling weights in multilevel modeling of international large-scale assessment data
Reeves, Philip M., Pun, Wik Hung, Chung, Kyung Sun 2017 Influence of teacher collaboration on job satisfaction and student achievement
Abdelfattah, Faisal, Lam, Jasmine 2018 Linking homework to achievement in mathematics
Leder, Gilah C., Forgasz, H. J. 2018 Measuring who counts
Teig, Nani, Scherer, Ronny, Nilsen, Trude 2018 More isn't always better
Rindermann, Heiner, Ceci, Stephen J. 2018 Parents’ education is more important than their wealth in shaping their children’s intelligence
Wei-Zhao, Shi, Xiqin, He, Yan, Wang, Zeng-Guang, Fan, Liangdong, Guo 2016 PISA and TIMSS science score, which clock is more accurate to indicate national science and technology competitiveness?
Säljö, Roger, Radišić, Jelena 2018 Promoting teaching, learning and informed decision-making through the lenses of international large-scale assessment
Winnar, Lolita, Arends, Fabian, Beku, Unathi 2018 Reducing bullying in schools by focusing on school climate and school socio-economic status
Wijaya, Ariyadi 2017 The relationships between Indonesian fourth graders’ difficulties in fractions and the opportunity to learn fractions
Daus, Stephan, Braeken, Johan 2018 The sensitivity of TIMSS country rankings in science achievement to differences in opportunity to learn at classroom level
Braun, Henry, von Davier, Matthias 2017 The use of test scores from large-scale assessment surveys
Eriksson, Kimmo, Helenius, Ola, Ryve, Andreas 2018 Using TIMSS items to evaluate the effectiveness of different instructional practices