TIMSS 2019 Papers

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López-Castro, Leticia, Smith, Peter K., Robinson, Susanne, Görzig, Anke 2023 Age differences in bullying victimisation and perpetration
Yilmaz, Nadide, Ay, Zeynep Sonay, Aydin, Şeyda 2021 An investigation of tasks in the mathematics textbooks and objectives in mathematics curriculum from 4th to 8th grade related with data content domain according to TIMSS 2019 cognitive domains
Georgiou, Helen 2023 Are We Really Falling Behind?
Sideridis, Georgios, Alahmadi, Maisaa 2023 Bullying in Elementary Schools
Sideridis, Georgios, Alghamdi, Mohammed H. 2023 Bullying in Middle School
Sumpter, Lovisa, Sollerman, Samuel 2023 Changes in affect
Altinok, Nadir, Diebolt, Claude 2023 Cliometrics of learning-adjusted years of schooling
Saal, Petronella Elize , Graham, Marien Alet 2023 Comparing the Use of Educational Technology in Mathematics Education between South African and German Schools
Al Farra, Nabil, Belbase, Shashidhar, Al Owais, Najla 2022 Computational, Logical, Argumentative, and Representational Thinking in the United Arab Emirates Schools
Lorenz, Theresa, Schneebaum, Alyssa 2023 Does Early Educational Tracking Contribute to Gender Gaps in Test Achievement?
Chang, Isabelle 2023 Early numeracy and literacy skills and their influences on fourth-grade mathematics achievement
Akçay, Ahmet Oguz 2023 Effects of computer usage to support 4th grader mathematics learning
Çelebi-Ilhan, Emine Gül, Ören-Vural, Duygu 2022 Elementary Pre-service Teachers' Noticing Teaching Practices Based on TIMSS Video Study
Lyu, Weicong, Kim, Jee-Seon, Suk, Youmi 2023 Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Within Latent Class Multilevel Models
Huang, Jinyan, Dong, Yaxin, Han, Chunwei, Wang, Xiaojun 2023 Evaluating the Language- and Culture-Related Construct-Irrelevant Variance and Reliability of the Sense of School Belonging Scale
Areepattamannil, Shaljan, Khurma, Othman Abu, Ali, Nagla, Al Hakmani, Rehab, Kadbey, Hanadi 2023 Examining the relationship between science motivational beliefs and science achievement in Emirati early adolescents through the lens of self-determination theory
Atasever, Umut, Jerrim, John, Tieck, Sabine 2023 Exclusion rates from international large-scale assessments
Canbolat, Yusuf, Rutkowski, David, Rutkowski, Leslie 2023 Global pattern in hunger and educational opportunity
Gu, Yuqi 2023 Going Deep in Diagnostic Modeling
Jerrim, John 2023 Has Peak PISA passed?
Kirsten, Nils, Lindvall, Jannika, Ryve, Andreas, Gustafsson, Jan-Eric 2023 How effective is the professional development in which teachers typically participate?
Ustun, Ulas 2023 How well does self-concept predict science achievement across cultures?
Zheng, Xiaying, Sahin, Füsun, Erberber, Ebru, Fonseca, Frank 2023 Identification and cross-country comparison of students’ test-taking behaviors in selected eTIMSS 2019 countries
Sabah, Saed, Akour, Mutasem M., Hammouri, Hind 2023 Implementing next generation science practices in classrooms
Ling, Lew Sook, Krishnasamy, Sivapoorani 2023 Information Technology Capability (ITC) Framework to Improve Learning Experience and Academic Achievement of Mathematics in Malaysia
Chen, Xin 2023 Instructional clarity and classroom management are linked to attitudes towards mathematics
Peciuliauskiene, Palmira 2023 Instructional clarity in physics lessons
Zhu, Zhemin 2023 International comparative study of learning trajectories based on TIMSS 2019 G4 data on cognitive diagnostic models
Ellis, Alexa, Cosso, Jimena, Duncan, Robert J., Susperreguy, María Inés, Simms, Victoria, Purpura, David J. 2023 International comparisons of the home mathematics environment and relations with children's mathematical achievement
Espinosa, Allen A, Gomez, Ma Arsenia C, Reyes, Allan S, Cortez, Leah Amor S, David, Adonis P 2023 International large-scale assessment (ILSA)
Antoun, Maya, Younes, Rayya, Salloum, Sara 2023 Investigating the status of highly able students through the lens of the Lebanese national policy and the mathematics and science centralized curricula and textbooks
Bezek Güre, Özlem 2023 Investigation of ensemble methods in terms of statistics
Atilgan, Mehmet, Deni̇z, Kaan Zulfikar 2023 Investigation of The Measurement Invariance of Affective Characteristics Related to TIMSS 2019 Mathematics Achievement by Gender
Kim, Hyunjung 2022 Korean Students’ Responses to Non-Cognitive Variables Compared to Japanese and Singaporean Students Based on TIMSS Data
Shala, Arif, Grajcevci, Albulene 2023 Kosovar Students’ Performance in the 2019 TIMSS Assessment
Ow-Yeong, Yook Kit, Yeter, Ibrahim H., Ali, Farhan 2023 Learning data science in elementary school mathematics
Majoros, Erika 2023 Linking the first- and second-phase IEA studies on mathematics and science
Gustafsson, Martin, Barakat, Bilal Fouad 2023 Marginalized Learners in International and Regional Test Data
Al-Balushi, Sulaiman M., Al-Harthy, Ibrahim S., Almehrizi, Rashid S., Ambusiaidi, Abdullah K., Al-Saadi, Khalid K., Al-Aghbari, Mohammed S., Al-Balushi, Moza, Al-Balushi, Khadija A. 2022 Metacognitive Awareness Perceptions of Students with High and Low Scores on TIMSS-Like Science Tests
Pedersen, Blaine, Makel, Matthew C., Rambo-Hernandez, Karen E., Peters, Scott J., Plucker, Jonathan A. 2023 Most Mathematics Classrooms Contain Wide-Ranging Achievement Levels
Vargör, Duygu, Öğretmen, Tuncay 2023 Multi-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis via Partial Measurement Invariance Methods
Pongsophon, Pongprapan 2023 Multilevel Analysis of Factors That Determine the Science Achievement of Fourth-Grade Students in TIMSS 2019
Zheng, Jia-qi, Tan, Li-hua 2023 Multiple pathways to science enjoyment
Bietenbeck, Jan, Collins, Matthew 2023 New evidence on the importance of instruction time for student achievement on international assessments
Graham, Marien Alet 2023 Overcrowded Classrooms and their Association with South African Learners’ Mathematics Achievement
Ahmad, Sohail, Rodrigues, Sherwin, Bhutta, Sadia Muzaffar 2022 Pakistan’s first-ever participation in an international large-scale assessment (TIMSS)
Oberleiter, Sandra, Fries, Jonathan, Schock, Laura S., Steininger, Benedikt, Pietschnig, Jakob 2023 Predicting cross-national sex differences in large-scale assessments of students' reading literacy, mathematics, and science achievement
Stanišić, Jelena, Maksić, Slavica, Nenadić, Filip 2023 Predictors of environmental awareness among primary school students in Serbia
Sideridis, Georgios, Alghamdi, Mohammed H. 2023 Profiling Experiences of Bullying in the Elementary School
Bora, Hatice Turan, Seheryeli, Merve Yıldırım, Altun, Sadegül Akbaba 2023 Relationship between students' sense of school belonging with principals' perceptions of school discipline, and teachers' perceptions of school safety in TIMSS 2019
Hornung, Erik, Schwerdt, Guido, Strazzeri, Maurizio 2023 Religious practice and student performance
Graham, Marien Alet, Mokgwathi, Mathelela Steyn, de Villiers, Johannes Jozua Rian 2021 Safety factors associated with mathematics achievement in South African schools
von Davier, Matthias, Tyack, Lillian, Khorramdel, Lale 2022 Scoring Graphical Responses in TIMSS 2019 Using Artificial Neural Networks
Ortega-Rodríguez, Pablo Javier 2023 Students ́factors that predict mathematical performance in primary education in USA
Hwang, Sunghwan, Son, Taekwon 2021 Students' attitude toward mathematics and its relationship with mathematics achievement
Cheung, Kason Ka Ching, Sonkqayi, Gift 2023 Students’ science achievement in cognitive domains
Hamhuis, Eva, Glas, Cees, Meelissen, Martina 2020 Tablet assessment in primary education
Sideridis, Georgios, Alghamdi, Mohammed H. 2023 Teacher Burnout in Saudi Arabia
Toropova, Anna, Myrberg, Eva, Johansson, Stefan 2021 Teacher job satisfaction
Liou, Pey-Yan, Myoung, Eunjung 2023 Teacher-perceived science inquiry-based instructional practice on student achievement and motivational beliefs in classroom contexts
Suna, Eren, Özer, Mahmut 2021 The achievement gap between schools and relationship between achievement and socioeconomic status in Turkey
Bhaw, Nishaal, Kriek, Jeanne 2023 The Curriculum–TIMSS Alignment for Grade 8 Science from 2007 to 2019
Steinmann, Isa, Strello, Andrés, Strietholt, Rolf 2023 The effects of early between-school tracking on gender segregation and gender gaps in achievement
Younes, Rayya, Salloum, Sara, Antoun, Maya 2023 The effects of language and home factors on Lebanese students’ mathematics performance in TIMSS
Whitney-Smith, Rachael Margaret 2023 The emergence of computational thinking in national mathematics curricula
Rindermann, Heiner , Becker, David 2023 The future of intelligence
Alnahdi, Ghaleb Hamad, Schwab, Susanne 2023 The impact of gender differences in teachers’ teaching practices and attitudes on students’ math and science achievement in Saudi Arabia
Ker, Hsiang-Wei, Lee, Ying-Haur, Ho, Shu-Meei 2023 The impact of home resources, students' attitudes toward learning, and instructional strategies on science achievement
Senden, Bas, Nilsen, Trude, Teig, Nani 2023 The validity of student ratings of teaching quality
Graham, Marien Alet 2023 Traditional bullying and cyberbullying as main drivers of low mathematics achievement in South African schools
Duggan, Alice, Karakolidis, Anastasios, Clerkin, Aidan, Gilleece, Lorraine, Perkins, Rachel 2023 Trends in educational inequalities in Ireland’s primary schools
Wilson Fadiji, Angelina, Reddy, Vijay 2022 Well-being and mathematics achievement
Liu, Yuan, Zheng, Xin, Hau, Kit-Tai 2023 Would emphasizing the instrumental value of learning help unmotivated students?