TIMSS 2019 Papers

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Yilmaz, Nadide, Ay, Zeynep Sonay, Aydin, Şeyda 2021 An investigation of tasks in the mathematics textbooks and objectives in mathematics curriculum from 4th to 8th grade related with data content domain according to TIMSS 2019 cognitive domains
Altinok, Nadir, Diebolt, Claude 2023 Cliometrics of learning-adjusted years of schooling
Hornung, Erik, Schwerdt, Guido, Strazzeri, Maurizio 2023 Religious practice and student performance
Graham, Marien Alet, Mokgwathi, Mathelela Steyn, de Villiers, Johannes Jozua Rian 2021 Safety factors associated with mathematics achievement in South African schools
Hwang, Sunghwan, Son, Taekwon 2021 Students' attitude toward mathematics and its relationship with mathematics achievement
Hamhuis, Eva, Glas, Cees, Meelissen, Martina 2020 Tablet assessment in primary education
Toropova, Anna, Myrberg, Eva, Johansson, Stefan 2021 Teacher job satisfaction
Suna, Eren, Özer, Mahmut 2021 The achievement gap between schools and relationship between achievement and socioeconomic status in Turkey
Steinmann, Isa, Strello, Andrés, Strietholt, Rolf 2023 The effects of early between-school tracking on gender segregation and gender gaps in achievement
Rindermann, Heiner , Becker, David 2023 The future of intelligence