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Article: TALIS 2018: Teachers applying knowledge and skill

Rebecca Vukovic, in her article, writes about the recent published results of TALIS 2018 study. She focuses on describing the objectives of the study of to measure the state of the teaching profession. The assessment of teachers' performances was measured against different indicators such as the teaching time in a classroom, their assessment practices, and their teaching pedagogy for innovative learning.

Vacancy: Director, Center for Education Research & Innovation

SRI International is seeking a Director for its Center for Education Research & Innovation division. SRI International is a non-profit organisation aiming to create solutions to tackle with the most important problems in the education sector. It seeks for a leader that will contribute to the long-term success of its research and support programs.

Vacancy: Associate Professor, Measurement and Assessment Methodology in Quantitative Research

The Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership (EMPL), in the University of Oregon’s College of Education (COE), is seeking for an Associate Professor. This position is a tenure-line faculty position with the requirement for incumbent to have expertise in systems that support effective measurement of educational practices, or data analytic and data science techniques that can use technological methods to effectively gauge such practices.