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Call for Submissions for the International PIAAC Research Conference 2022: Skills for Future

The International PIAAC Research Conference 2022: Skills for Future will cover diverse and interdisciplinary topics based on substantial and methodological research in the context of adults’ cognitive skills. Contributions are desired to address the relation of skills and health or the relation of skills and digitalization and automation, the relevance of socio-emotional skills, determinants of cognitive skills, the relevance of skills for economic outcomes or for lifelong learning. Methodological contributions could address assessment or survey methodological issues or data linkage (e.g. to administrative data).

Vacancy: Senior Evaluation Researcher at COSS - Boston College

The Center for Optimized Student Support (COSS) at Boston College seeks a Senior Evaluation Researcher to develop comprehensive evaluation plans that identify and prioritize evaluation activities, and to collect data using qualitative and/or quantitative approaches such as interviews, group processes, participant observation, surveys, electronic data files, or other methods. Among other duties. A Ph.D. degree in Education, Evaluation and Measurement, Psychology, Developmental Science, Social Work, Sociology, Public Policy, or a related field is required.

Webinar: The Lumpy Market and ‘The Halo Effect’: Contracting and Expanding in ILSAs

Based on empirical research, this webinar will highlight how the ILSA market emerged and operates, the structural nature of the ILSA market, the effects of the interrelationships amongst contractors that develop, administer, and analyze ILSAs, and how the interests of the contractors shape the dynamics of the ILSA market. Finally, this webinar aims to shed light on the global business dynamics that international education accountability mechanisms have generated and help to understand how these affect education.