PIRLS 2016 Papers

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Caro, Daniel H., Kyriakides, Leonidas, Televantou, Loulia 2018 Addressing omitted prior achievement bias in international assessments
Cordero, Jose M., Cristóbal, Víctor, Santín, Daniel 2018 Causal inference on education policies
Al-Jefri, Hanan Mohamed, Areepattamannil, Shaljan 2019 Examining the relations of early literacy activities and skills to reading dispositions, engagement, and achievement among fourth-grade students in the United Arab Emirates
Spaull, Nic, Makaluza, Nwabisa 2019 Girls do better
Guzmán‐Simón, Fernando, Gil-Flores, Javier, Pacheco‐Costa, Alejandra 2020 Home literacy environment and reading comprehension in Spanish primary education
Van Staden, Surette, Combrinck, Celeste, Roux, Karen, Tshele, Mishack, Palane, Nelladee M. 2019 Moving beyond league table standings
Rindermann, Heiner, Ceci, Stephen J. 2018 Parents’ education is more important than their wealth in shaping their children’s intelligence
Crespo, Francisco Javier García, Alonso, Rubén Fernández, Muñiz, José 2019 Resilient and low performer students
Mudrak, Jiri, Zabrodska, Katerina, Takacs, Lea 2020 Systemic approach to the development of reading literacy
Želvys, Rimantas, Esenova, Kamchat, Rakhymberdyeva, Ainur 2019 The managerial experience and postgraduate university training of school principals