ICCS 2016 Papers

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Sampermans, Dorien, Claes, Ellen, Janmaat, Jan Germen 2021 Back on track?
Maurissen, Lies, Barber, Carolyn, Claes, Ellen 2020 Classroom discussions and political tolerance towards immigrants
Kaire, Põder, Triin, Lauri 2021 Classroom, media and church
Jugert, Philipp, Šerek, Jan, Stollberg, Janine 2018 Contextual moderators of the link between national and European identity among European youth
Feitosa, Fernando 2020 Does civic education foster civic duty?
Cheah, Saiki Lucy, Huang, Lihong 2019 Environmental citizenship in a Nordic civic and citizenship education context
Ziemes, Johanna F., Hahn-Laudenberg, Katrin, Abs, Hermann J. 2019 From connectedness and learning to European and national identity
Deimel, Daniel, Hoskins, Bryony, Abs, Hermann J. 2020 How do schools affect inequalities in political participation
Knowles, Ryan T. 2020 Ideological composition of the classroom
Kim, Hyungryeol, Byun, Soo-yong 2019 Immigrant integration policy and native adolescents attitudes towards ethnic minorities
Zhu, Jinxin, Chiu, Ming Ming 2020 Immigrant students in Denmark
Deimel, Daniel, Abs, Hermann J. 2021 Local characteristics shape the intended political behaviours of adolescents
Tramontano, Carlo, Nocentini, Annalaura, Palmerio, Laura, Losito, Bruno, Menesini, Ersilia 2020 Mapping community, social, and economic risks to investigate the association with school violence and bullying in Italy
Sampermans, Dorien, Reichert, Frank, Claes, Ellen 2021 Teachers’ concepts of good citizenship and associations with their teaching styles
Ziemes, Johanna F., Hahn-Laudenberg, Katrin, Abs, Hermann J. 2020 The impact of schooling on trust in political institutions
Velez, Gabriel M., Knowles, Ryan T. 2022 Trust, civic self-efficacy, and acceptance of corruption among Colombian adolescents