REDS Papers

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Kennedy, Alec I. , Mejía-Rodríguez, Ana Maria, Strello, Andrés 2022 Inequality in remote learning quality during COVID-19
Shelton, Alexandra, Gezer, Tuba 2023 Investigating the educational experiences of students with disabilities during the COVID-19 school disruption
Mirazchiyski, Plamen, Klemenčič Mirazchiyski, Eva 2023 Students’ and teachers’ perceptions of students’ academic outcomes in Slovenia
Diaz Lema, Melisa L., Rossi, Lidia, Soncin, Mara 2023 Teaching away from school
Bertoletti, Alice, Biagi, Federico, Di Pietro, Giorgio, Karpiński, Zbigniew 2023 The effect of the COVID-19 disruption on the gender gap in students’ performance