PISA-D Papers

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Addey, Camilla, Maddox, Bryan, Zumbo, Bruno D 2020 Assembled validity
Hossain, Mobarak 2021 Does greater community involvement mean more parent-teacher interaction?
Langi, Meredith, Jeon, Minjeong 2023 Identifying and supporting academically low-performing schools in a developing country
Delprato, Marcos, Frola, Alessia, Antequera, German 2022 Indigenous and non-Indigenous proficiency gaps for out-of-school and in-school populations
Delprato, Marcos 2021 Indigenous learning gaps and home language instruction
Auld, Euan, Xiaomin, Li, Morris, Paul 2022 Piloting PISA for development to success
Delprato, Marcos, Antequera, German 2021 Public and private school efficiency and equity in Latin America
Rutkowski, David, Rutkowski, Leslie 2021 Running the wrong race?
Delprato, Marcos, Antequera, German 2020 School efficiency in low and middle income countries
Charro, José Mauricio Chávez , Neira, Isabel, Lacalle-Calderon, Maricruz 2021 Scientific competence in developing countries