ICILS 2018 Papers

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Aydin, Mustafa 2021 Does the digital divide matter?
Bati, Kaan, Ikbal Yetisir, Mehmet 2021 Examination of Turkish middle school STEM teachers' knowledge about computational thinking and views regarding information and communications technology
Atasever, Umut, Jerrim, John, Tieck, Sabine 2023 Exclusion rates from international large-scale assessments
Fagerlund, Janne, Leino, Kaisa, Kiuru, Noona, Niilo-Rämä, Mikko 2022 Finnish teachers’ and students’ programming motivation and their role in teaching and learning computational thinking
Lomos, Catalina, Tieck, Sabine, Luyten, J.W. 2023 Implementing ICT in classroom practice
Karpiński, Zbigniew, Di Pietro, Giorgio, Biagi, Federico 2023 Non-cognitive skills and social gaps in digital skills
Drossel, Kerstin, Eickelmann, Birgit, Vennemann, Mario 2020 Schools overcoming the digital divide
Van De Werfhorst, Herman G., Kessenich, Emma, Geven, Sara 2022 The digital divide in online education