ICILS 2018 Organization

Study director(s)

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) - Julian Fraillon, Research Director

  • Served as the international study center
  • Responsible for designing and implementing the study in close cooperation with the IEA Hamburg and the IEA Amsterdam
Institutions and their responsibilities

SoNET Systems

  • Responsible for developing the software systems underpinning the computer-based student assessment instruments:
  • Test and questionnaire items
  • Assessment delivery system
  • Web-based translation, scoring, and data-management modules


ICILS sampling referee – Marc Joncas

  • Advice on all sampling-related aspects of the study


National research coordinators 

  • Played a crucial role in the development of the project
  • Provided policy- and content-oriented advice on the development of the instruments
  • Responsible for the implementation of ICILS in the participating countries



IEA Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 311

1016 EE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 625 3625

Fax +31 20 420 7136

E-mail secretariat@iea.nl



IEA Hamburg

Überseering 27

22297 Hamburg


Tel. +49 40 48500 500

Fax +49 40 48500 501

E-mail icils@iea-hamburg.de



Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

19 Prospect Hill Rd Camberwell

VIC 3124 Australia

Tel. +61 3 9255 5555

Fax +61 3 9255 5500

E-mail icils@acer.edu.au

Editor(s) and author(s) of study-related gateway pages
  • Editor: Julian Fraillon, Research Director, ACER
  • Authors
    • Aysel Gojayeva, Unit Coordinator, Research and Analysis Unit, IEA Hamburg
    • Isbat Hasnat, Student Assistant, Research and Analysis Unit, IEA Hamburg
    • Tahira Ali-Qadri, Student Assistant, Research and Analysis Unit, IEA Hamburg