TALIS Starting Strong 2018 Fact Sheet

Long title
Starting Strong Teaching and Learning International Survey 2018
Frequency of data collection
  • 2016: instrument development
  • 2016 – 2018: framework development (released in March 2019)
  • 2016 (October): pilot study
  • 2017 (May – June): field trial
  • 2018 (March – June): main survey data collection (Northern Hemisphere)
  • 2018 (August – October): main survey data collection (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 2019 – 2020: analysis and reporting
Research questions
  • Who are the early childhood education and care (ECEC) staff in participating countries? What can policy do to help attract, retain and develop qualified staff?
  • What does quality look like in early childhood centres for children under the age of three? What are the qualifications and practices of staff that work in these centres and home-based settings, and how do they differ from services for older children?
  • How do structural characteristics of ECEC settings link to staff’s beliefs, practices and their interactions with children?
  • Do staff working with children from different social and cultural backgrounds report the same levels of quality of interactions between staff and children? Do staff job satisfaction, working conditions and self-efficacy vary according to the composition of the children’s group?
Assessment domain(s)
  • No assessment
Study framework (summary)

The conceptual framework of TALIS Starting Strong 2018 addresses themes mainly involving:

  • ECEC staff-child interactions
  • ECEC center characteristics
  • ECEC leader and staff characteristics
  • Themes that intersect with other themes
Target population and sample (summary)

Target population

  • Staff and the leaders working in ISCED Level 02 preprimary education
  • Staff and the leaders working in registered ECEC settings for children under age 3


180 centers for each population of interest (ISCED level 02 and settings for children under age 3).  

Data collection techniques and instruments (summary)

One leader and one staff questionnaire per level of early childhood care and education (ISCED level 02 and settings for children under age 3); completed online, on paper or both.

Study director(s)
Study website(s)

OECD TALIS Starting Strong 2018
2 rue André Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16

E-mail: startingstrongsurvey@oecd.org