TALIS Starting Strong 2018 Organization

Study director(s)

International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) –

Juliane Hencke (International Study Director) 

Steffen Knoll (Deputy International Study Director)


Key Role(s): 

IEA Amsterdam

  • Verification of translation procedures for survey questions
  • Ensuring quality of survey implementation in all participating countries
  • Coordination of the item development group
  • Coordination of quality control procedures
  • Appointment, contracting, and training of independent international quality control monitors
  • Coordination with other consortium members

IEA Hamburg

  • Serving as International Study Center (ISC) and appointment as international study director
  • Coordination of international implementation of the survey
  • Responsibility for overall budget, contractual agreements, and international schedule
  • Day-to-day monitoring of administration of the study
  • Oversight and advising of study centers on all tasks related to data processing, scaling, meeting organization, ICT services, software development, and programming
  • Provision of all countries with within-school sampling, data entry, and on-line data collection software; training in the use of the three programs to NRCs
  • Oversight and management of all tasks related to sampling, data processing, weighting, scaling, data analysis, and data production in units in IEA Hamburg
  • Coordination of survey administration at the international level
  • Maintenance of close contact with national data managers
Institutions and their responsibilities

Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

  • Function as sampling referee
  • Review of sampling procedures


Rand Europe (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

  • Management of survey instrument development
  • Questionnaire development for the study
  • Design of the conceptual framework of the study


Expert Groups

Questionnaire Expert Group (QEG)

  • Translation of policy priorities into questionnaires
  • Addressing policy and analytical questions


Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

  • Advising on technical and analytical issues


National Managers

National project managers (NPMs)

National data managers (NDMs)

National sampling managers (NSMs)

  • Securement of the cooperation of ECEC centers
  • Oversight of national adaptation of questionnaires
  • Translation and validation of questionnaires
  • Establishment of overall survey preparation and survey administration schedule in cooperation with the ISC
  • Compliance oversight of sampling procedures and other rigorous technical and operational procedures
  • Nomination and training of national quality control monitors
  • Monitoring of return status of the on-line questionnaires using the software tool provided by the ISC
  • Completion of survey activities questionnaire after survey administration
  • Sending of data files to the ISC and responding to questions from the center

OECD TALIS Starting Strong 2018

2 rue André Pascal

75775 Paris Cedex 16

E-mail: startingstrongsurvey@oecd.org


The study was funded predominantly by the participating countries.

Editor(s) and author(s) of study-related gateway pages
  • Juliane Hencke, Study Director, IEA Hamburg
  • Alena Becker, Data Management Expert, IEA Hamburg
  • Karsten Penon, Sampling Expert, IEA Hamburg
  • Juliane Kobelt, Study Coordination Expert, IEA Hamburg