New OECD Report: OECD Skills Outlook 2021. Learning for Life

The “OECD Skills Outlook 2021: Learning for Life” report explores how public policy can and should play a key role in promoting effective and inclusive lifelong learning for all.

Considering the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world, and noting the importance of skills such as resilience, this report leverages comparative quantitative data to highlight the key role that socio-emotional and motivational factors play in shaping successful participation in lifelong learning.

In a changing and uncertain world, lifelong learning can help people adapt and become resilient to external shocks. While government support remains valuable in ensuring that major structural changes do not cause big damages in the social fabric, creating a culture of lifelong learning gives individuals themselves the capacity to manage change. It is therefore necessary to know the best ways to support lifelong learning journeys, so that individuals can "learn how to learn".