PRIDI 2013 Organization

Study director(s)

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) - Aimee E. Verdisco, Project Leader

  • Overall direction and management
Institutions and their responsibilities

Sub-contractor and advisory group

IEA Hamburg

  • Processing and verification of data submitted by participants
  • Assurance of accuracy and consistency of PRIDI database within and across countries
  • School and student sampling activities


Psychometrics, reporting and analysis

Grupo de Análisis para el Desarollo (GRADE)

  • Consulting on psychometric methodology
  • Instrument development

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

1300 New York Ave NW

Washington, DC 20577


Tel. +1 202 623 1000


IEA Hamburg

Überseering 27

22297 Hamburg


Tel. +49 40 48500 500

Fax +49 40 48500 501



PRIDI was financed by non-reimbursable technical cooperation funding. It received

  • A USD$1 million grant from Inter-American Development Bank’s regional technical cooperation modality,
  • USD$140,000 from the Fund for Diversity and Gender
  • USD$200,000 from the Social Fund (which financed the participation of Costa Rica), and
  • USD$240,000 from two separate economic and social work projects.
Editor(s) and author(s) of study-related gateway pages
  • Editor: Aimee E. Verdisco, Project Leader, IDB
  • Authors (based on study documents)
    • Oliver Neuschmidt, Study Director, IEA Hamburg
    • Sebastian Meyer, Research Analyst, IEA Hamburg
    • Umut Atasever, Research Analyst, Sampling Expert, IEA Hamburg