TEDS-M 2008 Organization

Study director(s)

The TEDS-M International Study Center at Michigan State University (MSU) - Maria Teresa Tatto, Executive Director

  • Overall leadership and administrative direction of the study
  • Responsibility for development, incorporation, and oversight of all plans for the design and execution of the study within a comprehensive conceptual framework document to be published by IEA
  • Initiation of proposals for and definition of JMC assignments for instrument development
Institutions and their responsibilities

TEDS-M Joint Management Committee (JMC)


  • MSU
  • ACER
  • IEA
  • Statistics Canada


  • Overall project planning
  • Financial, personnel, and logistical management
  • Accountability to IEA and the funding agencies
  • Recruitment of countries for participation
  • Study design, timelines, reports, and archives
  • Designation of the work of outside experts on the study


The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

  • Support of the TEDS-M International Study Center at MSU with technical and research management expertise
  • Primary responsibility over the study concerning the mathematics preparation of primary school teachers
  • Development of relevant data-gathering instruments for the item pilot, field test, and main data collection
  • Conduct of relevant data analyses and preparation of relevant sections of the final international reports


    Statistics Canada

    • TEDS-M International Sampling Referee
    • Development of an international master sampling plan for the study


    National Research Coordinators (NRCs)

    • Study implementation
    • Data collection


    TEDS-M Project Advisors

    • Advisors to the JMC


    Keizersgracht 311

    1016 EE Amsterdam

    The Netherlands

    Tel.: +31 20 625 3625

    Fax: +31 20 420 7136

    E-mail: secretariat@iea.nl

    URL: http://www.iea.nl


    The study was funded by:

    • Fees from participating countries
    • The National Science Foundation (USA)
    • The IEA
    Editor(s) and author(s) of study-related gateway pages
    • Editor: Maria Teresa Tatto, TEDS-M Executive Director and Principal Investigator, MSU
    • Authors (based on study documents)
      • Falk Brese, Senior Research Analyst, Project Coordinator, IEA Hamburg
      • Sabine Meinck, Sampling Methodologist/Coordinator, IEA Hamburg
      • Ipek Eraydin, Student Assistant, IEA Hamburg