ICILS 2013 Organization

Study director(s)

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) - Julian Fraillon, Research Director

  • Served as the international study center
  • Responsible for designing and implementing the study in close cooperation with the IEA PDC and the IEA Secretariat.
Institutions and their responsibilities

SoNET Systems

Responsible for developing the software systems underpinning the computer-based student assessment instruments:

  • Test and questionnaire items
  • Assessment delivery system
  • Web-based translation, scoring, and data-management modules


ICILS Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • Advised the international study center and its partner institutions during regular meetings.


National research coordinators (NRCs)

  • Played a crucial role in the development of the project
  • Provided policy- and content-oriented advice on the development of the instruments
  • Were responsible for the implementation of ICILS in the participating countries

IEA Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 311

1016 EE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 625 3625

Fax +31 20 420 7136

E-mail secretariat@iea.nl



IEA Hamburg

Überseering 27

22297 Hamburg


Tel. +49 40 48500 500

Fax +49 40 48500 501

E-mail icils@iea-hamburg.de



Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

19 Prospect Hill Rd Camberwell

VIC 3124 Australia

Tel. +61 3 9255 5555

Fax +61 3 9255 5500

E-mail icils@acer.edu.au

  • In addition to IEA’s own resources, the study was funded predominately by fees from participating ICILS countries.
  • Further funding came from the European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture’s grant to the European countries participating in the project
Editor(s) and author(s) of study-related gateway pages
  • Editor: Julian Fraillon, Research Director, ACER
  • Authors
    • Michael Jung, ICILS 2013 Co-project Manager, IEA Hamburg
    • Lars Borchert, Deputy International Data Manager ICILS 2018, IEA Hamburg
    • Sabine Tieck, Research Analyst, Sampling Expert, IEA Hamburg