Academic visitor program

Academic visitor

The IEA Research and Analysis unit (RandA) offers academics the opportunity to visit IEA’s Research and Analysis (RandA) Unit in Hamburg, Germany. The academic visitor program enables visiting researchers to develop their own research projects while benefiting from the individual support of IEA Hamburg experts working in different fields related to international large-scale assessments.

The main objectives of the program are to promote enhancement and improvement of the research projects with collaboration of the academic visitor and IEA research experts, and provide the academic visitor with direct access to the IEA data and resources. The duration of the visit can typically be between one week and two months, with a possibility of requesting for an extended study visit. All expenses must be borne by the academic visitor such as, but not restrictive to, health insurance for themselves and any accompanying dependents. 

Please follow the link below to see for the eligibility criteria and the application process.