JEBS Call for Papers: Special Issue on Diagnostic Statistical Models

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of students are forced to learn in online environments, and recent events have raised awareness of the need for robust formative assessments to accelerate learning and improve educational and behavioral outcomes. The availability of online learning technology, hand-held devices, and wearables provides researchers with new opportunities for designing diagnostic methods or applying existing psychometric tools for improving the human condition. The purpose of this special issue is to highlight statistical methods for providing decision makers and users with fine-grained information to improve educational and behavioral outcomes. JEBS considers diagnostic methods in the broadest sense, with some specific examples, including (a) cognitive diagnosis in education, (b) dynamic models for data collected from wearables and hand-held devices, (c) methods for designing personalized learning interventions, (d) app- or game-based assessments, and (e) novel applications of traditional psychometric and statistical methods.

Therefore, JEBS seeks manuscripts for the special issue that highlight and advance methods that are consistent with an assessment framework of “diagnose and intervene” rather than the paradigm of “rank and sort.”

Application deadline: 01 August 2022