IEA workshop on Multilevel Linear Modeling with large-scale assessment data


IEA is pleased to announce its upcoming virtual workshop on Multilevel Linear Modeling (MLM) with Large-Scale Assessment on 26-30 October 2020 where participants will be introduced to the theory and application of both techniques, taking into account particular features specific to large-scale assessment data. The workshop is the first of two modules, with the first focusing on MLM (October 26-30th 2020) and the second focusing on SEM and ML-SEM (November 23-27th 2020). Parties may participate in either one or both of the workshop modules. A prerequisite to follow the content of the ML-SEM part of the second module is the solid knowledge of MLM. The workshops will be conducted virtually by the IEA experts. Workshop registration is now available.Workshop registration is now available; you can submit your completed registration form to

Deadline for submission of registration for registration form is 12 October 2020.

For more information about the registration form, workshop content, registration and fees, and workshop content please view the full workshop description in the link below.