EARLI SIG 15 Conference 2022

EARLI SIG 15 Conference 2022
Ghent, Belgium


A village to teach a child. The influence of contextual factors on learning and development


The focus of the conference is on the influence of different parties on learning and development of children such as parents, teachers, or policy. Conference participants get the chance to discuss topics like the following:

  • How does parental involvement contribute optimally to the education of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?
  • Which teacher-child interactions create a classroom context in which the cognitive and socio-emotional development of children can thrive?
  • Which societal and policy trends will shape children’s learning and development in the near future?


Janet Goodall, Department of Education and Childhood Studies, Swansea University, UK

Megan McClelland, Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families, Oregon State University, USA

Martin Valcke, Department of Educational Studies, Ghent University, Belgium


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