Call for Papers: The Use of Test Scores in Secondary Analyses

Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences is launching a special issue on The Use of Test Scores in Secondary Analysis in order to promote an inter-disciplinary dialogue between scholars who design the psychometric models used to estimate latent skills and researchers that use these data to investigate policy-relevant questions related to skills formation, skill utilisation and returns to skill. Researchers are invited to submit theoretical and empirical work related to the following topics: 

  • Methods to estimate proficiency in large-scale assessments
  • Methodological aspects related to the use of test scores in secondary analyses
  • The use of latent class models and factor analysis in education and economics research
  • Potential and limitations of causal inferences with cross sectional large scale survey data
  • The scaling of cognitive assessments: implications for interpretation and comparability

Papers that offer a critical review of common empirical practices and provide guidance and suggestions on alternative approaches to the estimation of latent skills in view of their use in secondary analysis are highly encouraged.

Deadline for accepting submissions: December 31, 2020

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