AEA-Europe Conference 2022

AEA-Europe conference 2022
Dublin, Ireland


New Visions for Assessment in Uncertain Times


During the conference, questions such as the following around the future of educational assessment in times of uncertainty shall be discussed:

  • To what extent will assessment practices return to pre-pandemic formats or is there an impetus for real change?
  • What are the key drivers of change in assessment, reflected in social and political pressures, technical developments, and evolution in policy and debate about the broader role of assessment in education?
  • What changes are envisaged in terms of what is assessed, how and when assessment is undertaken, and who is best placed to assess students’ work?
  • How do we involve all stakeholders and communicate effectively in framing new visions of assessment?


Registration by presenters: August 31, 2022

Online registration closes: October 18, 2022

Main conference: November 10-12, 2022

Pre-conference workshops: November 9, 2022