Article: Higher income may prove elusive for many college grads

Educational Testing Service (ETS) in their article discuss the findings of a new study conducted by Neeta Fogg, Paul Harrington and Ishwar Khatiwada of Drexel University's Center for Labor Markets and Policy. This article expresses that the college graduates do not have the necessary skills to obtain a high earning job. with skills lacking in literacy and numeracy, specifically.

Article: Countries must make teaching profession more financially and intellectually attractive

The new OECD report based on the TALIS report, suggests that for students to get up-to-the-mark education and skills training, teaching opportunities must be made more financially and intellectually attractive. It further highlights that the key is to incentivize teachers to do better at their jobs so educational targets are improved greatly.

Why PISA is testing students' social and emotional skills

For the first time in 2018, PISA assessed global competence: the capacity of students to see the world through different lenses and to appreciate different ways of thinking and cultures.Tomorrow’s schools will need to help students think for themselves, be empathetic and work with others.

Article: Students impacted by inequality of their family's origins

The research, titled "Culture, migration and educational performance: a focus on gender outcomes using Australian PISA tests" compared 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test scores of non-migrant, first-generation and second-generation migrant children in Australia.The research found out that gender stereotypes and cultural norms of a child's family heritage have impacts on academic performance in Australian schools.

Article: In Kazakhstan, Regional Inequalities Undercut Overall Educational Progress

For the first time, the students from Kazakhstan earned an international top-10 by performance in math and science, according to the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Kazakh eighth-graders demonstrated ability and knowledge comparable to their peers from countries like Russia, Canada, and Ireland, ranking higher than England, the United States, and Australia