Research Fellowships at the George Eckert Institute

The Georg Eckert Institute Library and its association of supporters have established a fellowship programme for the promotion of international academic exchange and the development of international textbook research, with a particular emphasis on comparative approaches. The Georg Eckert Institute Library is an unparalleled resource for international textbook research, as is demonstrated by the continuously high demand among researchers from Germany and abroad for the research facilities it provides. In order to fulfill its purpose, the Institute relies upon close and ongoing contact with scholars and educational practitioners from Germany and around the world. The fellowships are awarded in particular for research motivated by the desire to promote understanding among nations through education; international educational and didactical research on the methods, content and objectives of teaching in the subject areas in which the Institute's library specializes; academic research on issues of perception and reception in the fields of history, geography and social science; studies on textbook development in the subjects represented at the Institute which aim at identifying new directions for the production of textbooks based on comparative international textbook research.


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