International Education blog site launched for publications on international large-scale assessments

Outcomes and Causal Inference in International Comparative Assessment European Training Network (OCCAM-ETN) has launched a blog site with the aim to disseminate research related to international large-scale assessments, such as PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS, or ICCS. The blog site, additionally, also enunciates critical comments, comparative analyses, and technical notes on research conducted in this domain. It also aims at publishing blogs that reflect educational outcomes and quality of educational practices throughout the world, and illustrate educational and political forces that shape learning environments. Readers can find blogs published on this site in six languages, namely: English, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese German and Russian.

The OCCAM Network nurtures excellent training environment for its 15 PhD students to become leading experts in the field of educational policy evaluation, international student assessments, and educational and policy consulting. It involves research, non-profit and for-profit 14 institutions from Europe and beyond. To learn more about the OCCAM Network, please click here: