Girls consistently outperform boys in reading skills—but this could be changing

Authors Louis Volante and Francesca Borgonovi looks back into the long discussed topic of gender disparity in learning outcomes. They refer to the recent PISA studies and convey that things are changing, and the gap is closing up. However, the interesting problem is that, it is not the boys who are necessarily doing better, rather it is the performance of the girls that has declined. According to the trend studies with PISA, among low achievers, the performance of both boys and girls declined—girls declined by 21 points and boys 13 points. On the other hand, among high achievers the performance of both boys and girls improved, with especially large improvements within the boys' group (12 points among boys and three points among girls). While further exploring the causes of the phenomena, the authors find out many plausible interesting scenarios; including how internet time and country differences affect the learning outcomes. 

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