Adults with Low Skills and Learning Disabilities

This publication, which is contained in the Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy, a handy book for academic researchers, teacher educators, professional developers, program designers, and graduate students, defines the attributes and background of students who are adults with low skills and self-reported learning disabilities using two large‐scale sets of data: the Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC:2012/2014), which contains data on adults with low skills and learning disabilities from a representative sample of 5,040 U.S. working‐age adults; and PowerPath™ to Education and Employment, which contains data from 1,761 U.S. adult learners screened for learning challenges at adult education enrollment.

This publication is also of great value to curriculum developers, adult basic education and developmental education instructors, and program administrators, as well as clinicians and counselors that offers services to adult learners with reading disabilities.


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