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Investing in skills is key to success for millions

21st-century skills are increasingly important, what is not fully appreciated is the extent to which these skills rely upon strong foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Foundational cognitive skills are defined as to understand, use and interpret written and mathematical information. It is difficult to critically evaluate, problem-solve or analyze data without such skills. For young adults graduating from high school and college, it is typically assumed that they have acquired these foundational skills.

TALIS 2018: Valuing teachers and school leaders as professionals

Rebecca Vukovic, in her article, argues that although almost 90% of teachers in OECD's TALIS 2018 study reported that they liked their profession, only a few reported that they think they were valued by the society. In this article, the author goes on to disseminate findings from the TALIS 2018 study to highlight teachers' views on different aspects of their profession.

Today’s kids might be digital natives — but a new study shows they aren’t close to being computer literate

The author in the article assesses the impacts of the ongoing pandemic crisis by the COVID-19 virus. The article proposes mitigation strategies to adapt to the given situation to minimize the negative impacts on educational practices and learning, such as making use of technology to continue teaching and learning practices, empowering teachers and encouraging innovation, and maintaining the social fabric of schools in the society.