STEP Papers

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Valerio, Alexandria, Sanchez Puerta, Maria Laura, Tognatta, Namrata Raman, Monroy Taborda, Sebastian 2016 Are there skills payoffs in low- and middle-income countries?
Acosta, Pablo, Muller, Noël, Sarzosa, Miguel 2015 Beyond qualifications
Tognatta, Namrata Raman, Valerio, Alexandria, Puerta, Maria Laura 2016 Do cognitive and noncognitive skills explain the gender wage gap in middle-income countries
Dicarlo, Emanuele, Lo Bello, Salvatore, Monroy Taborda, Sebastian, Oviedo, Ana Maria, Puerta, Maria Laura, Santos, Indhira 2016 The skill content of occupations across low and middle income countries